Help Centre

  • Change your company information here
  • Upload a PayNow QR code so that your technicians can let customer scan the QR code for PayNow payment to your company account
  • add company entities here, so that entity details is assigned to the contract and invoice appropriately
  • upload logo (recommended 128px by 128px in .jpg format
  • Add Users by clicking on “Add Employee”
  • Password will be sent to the indicated email address
  • Select user role

You can save service items as templates here, allowing admin and technicians to add service items quickly when they create/edit contracts & jobs.

  • Click on “New Task” button
  • Add service item accordingly

You can save contract templates here, so you can save time on creating contracts with the standard information already filled in.

  • Click on “New Template” button
  • Add contract template information accordingly

You can add vehicles so that you can assign jobs to vehicles, as well as technicians. You can use team names as “vehicle number”, so that you can differentiate between teams.

  • Click on “Add Vehicle” button

If you need to tag your clients under an “Agent”, you can create the agents here.

  • Click on “New Agent” to add

Job reports will be sent automatically to your clients’ contact emails as attached PDF. To disable the automatic sending of emails, turn this off here.

This is a log of actions taken by admins and technicians in chronological order.

  • Search bar for filtering results

Click on “Clients” button on the menu bar on the left of the page. Overview of all clients.

Click on “Add Client” button on top right of page.

  • Client name
  • Residential/Commercial
  • Client Agent (optional)
  • Remarks (optional)


  • Service Location
    • add postal code
    • address autofill from postal code, remove building name if necessary (nil if building name does not exist)
    • floor number (optional)
    • unit number (optional)
  • Billing Address
    • check “Same as First Service Address” if same as service location
  • Additional Service Location
    • add if there are more than 1 service location(s)

Contact Details

  • Contact Person Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone number
  • Add additional contact details if there are more than 1 contact person(s)

Contracts will create jobs subsequently, it can be referred to as quotation as well.
Create a new contract by:

  1. Search for client
  2. Go to view contract under client
  3. Click on “New Contract” button

Creating a new contract:

  1. Contract Details
    1. Contract title – you can select from contract template if there are any
    2. Contract description – add any description, this section will be autofilled from contract template if template is selected
    3. Term start and end date – this will be displayed as contract start and end date on the contract
      1. note: job dates CANNOT fall outside of term start and end dates
    4. Service address – you can select the correct service address if client has more than 1 service location
    5. Entity – select the entity you want to bill under, if you have more than 1 entity
    6. Enable GST – Y/N
  2. Scheduling
    1. Repeat
      1. Ad-hoc (most commonly used) – select this if contract has no recurring jobs
      2. Daily – select this if jobs are to recur everyday, or every few days
      3. Weekly – select this if jobs are to recur once a week, or every few weeks
      4. Monthly (most commonly used) – select this if jobs are to recur once a month, or every few months
      5. Yearly – select this if jobs are to recur once a year, or every few years
    2. Select occurence frequencies
    3. Select date of first job
    4. Job start time
    5. Duration of Job
    6. Click on “Add Schedule” to create jobs
  3. Service Item
    1. Service item name – you can add service item name here, you can also select from job template if there are any
    2. Service item description – you can add service item description here, if service item template is selected, section will be autofilled
    3. Cost – cost per unit quantity
    4. Quantity – quantity of service
    5. Click on “+” button to add service item to add to job
    6. Repeat above if there are more than 1 service item(s)
  4. Terms & Conditions
    1. Edit terms and conditions here, if contract template was selected, section will be autofilled but you will still be able to make any edits
  5. Confirm Contract
    1. after creating a contract, contract status will be “PENDING”, you will need to confirm the contract by click on the action button “Confirm Contract”, to confirm
    2. jobs will be automatically created after contract is confirmed
    3. assign jobs to your technicians and vehicles

Click on “Job List” button on the menu bar on left. Overview of all jobs. Default landing page.

Job List Overview

Job status filters

  • All
  • Unassigned
  • Assigned
  • In Progress
  • Completed
  • Overdue
  • Cancelled

Search Bar Filter

  • Client name
  • Contract title

Date Filter

  • Filter by calendar
  • Filter by custom date(s)

Filter Button

  • Contract type
  • Vehicle
  • Assigned employee

Export Button

  • Export filtered list to .csv format

Action Buttons

  1. View job details page
    1. refer to Job Details Page
  2. Assign job
    1. assign technician
    2. assign vehicle

Click on “View Details” on action button on any job.

Edit Data
You can edit the following in Job Details Page:

  • date of Job
  • Start time of Job
  • End time of Job
  • Technician(s) assigned
  • Vehicle assigned
  • Job status

Click on “Save Changes” button to save changes.

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